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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

My firm can help you protect your family and property through estate planning. I will work closely with you to ensure that your specific concerns and needs are addressed. I understand that talking about end-of-life matters can be uncomfortable and I do my best to put you at ease.

Last Will & Testament: Directs the transfer of property to heirs named in the Will. Reciprocal Wills between spouses transfer property to each other with specific bequests to heirs.

Will with a Testamentary Trust: Set up a Trust for an under-aged or incompetent heir within a will.

Revocable Living Trust: Used instead of a Will to transfer property without a probate and without public access to personal estate matters. Useful if property is owned in two states. If properly maintained, it avoids probate upon the death of the Trustors. Property must be transferred to the Trust.

Community Property Agreement: The essential documents needed to prevent the probate of an estate after the death of one spouse. Spouses agree that all the property is community property and will go to the other spouse upon death without probate. Specific exceptions can be made.

Health Care Directive (Living Will): Certified directions to health care providers to allow a person to die under certain circumstances.

General Durable Power of Attorney: Gives another person the power to act on behalf of the principal in all matters. This power can be conferred immediately or only upon the incapacity of the principal.

Limited Power of Attorney: Grants power to another for specific acts, such as to buy or sell a particular property.

Medical Power of Attorney: Grants the power to make medical decisions to another person; usually done in concert with a Directive to Physicians.

My husband and I have been married for 25 years. We have three children off at college and felt it was a good time to get our will and Estate Planning in order. Jamia came to us very prepared with an excellent list of questions we needed to answer for our Will planning. She worked with us to determine the best way too provide for our children in the future. Her professionalism and work ethic was just what we needed. She came to our home and went over all of the laws giving us wonderful advice and a chance to make her own decisions. The Will was drawn up in a very timely manner and we are very pleased to have it done. I highly recommend this lawyer.
— Sheri